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Where has the time gone all us from the original group.

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Where has the time gone all us from the original group.

PostThu Feb 07, 2008 1:04 pm

I remember when I first went to Bill's house for new years when I was twelve and know look at us. We both are in college almost done with our undergrads and trying to figure what to do next in the jungle called life.
Terri was in the old Sandy Creek cafeteria playing cards in study hall during 7th grade or sometime around that. I remember she had a weird sense of humor that was on par with mine. Now we own cars and try to get with everyone when we have time because the shield of youth and the slavery of adulthood is upon us.
Chas I remember meeting in Connor's class, while hiding from Mrs. Mauier's eye of evil for not doing my homework. Now your a computer guru and are making your mark on the internet.
Ryan and I hated each other with a passion only known in plays. Yet we became brothers in this life. It's sad that we only get to see each other few times a year. Wish time was on our side.
Kyle was the flute player in marching band. We made enough gay jokes to make the gay pride movement blush and we all became friend with him. Now he is engaged.
Fast Ed's Fast Ed. I remember his dad teaching me to shoot skeet and Fast Ed making me try sardines. Now, Fast Ed is still Fast Ed.
As I sit here among the multitude of books trying to make something of my self, you sometimes look back and just laugh at the friends in your life and think .."damn this is my family!" and then the feeling of yikes comes through you :-D
Hate the sin and love the sinner.
--Mahatma Gandhi

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